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Bhoo - Elastik Phone (Original Mix)
Bhoo - Elastik Phone (Alex Arnout  remix)
Bhoo - Elastik Phone (Matt Tolfrey & Sam Russo Remix)

BHOO's original of  Elastik Phone' is a twitchy, rhythmic number that owes as much to Wiggle-esque tech-house as it does to the likes of Perlon. Dense, detailed and heavy on the bass, it's an out and out slice of electronic funk.

Dogmatik boss Alex Arnout returns to the label to turn in a fine, warm and mature slice of modern deep house that is dominated by an irresistible bassline.

Leftroom's Matt Tolfrey & Sam Russo deliver the last of the remixes of ?Elastik Phone'and true to their form, turn in a robust interpretation. Punchy, rounded drums underpin filtered chords and bubbling keys, whilst synth strings ebb and flow, emphasising the stuttering groove.